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Pricing / Project Estimates


Knackert Media specializes in design on a budget which is why we are popular with small businesses. We strive to make every effort possible to make sure that you feel you got the right price for the work received. Special arrangements and pro bono work can be made available on a case by case basis.

Knackert Media does not have on-site print or manufacturing services. These services are provided by vendors we find that have the best rates and quality or, at your request, we can use your desired vendor as well. Knackert Media is not responsible for prints or other output once is has your approval and is shipped to the printer or manufacturer. Any problems with quality or any other issues must be handled by the client directly with the vendor.

Beginning 9/1/2016 - Please notice: Prices have change in accordance to Google's new SSL requirements. Essentially Google is forcing hosting to include SSL certification. When you don't have this, your site will be buried deep in Google's search engine when an SSL is not present. This forces us to up the hosting charge based on our annual fees. HOWEVER, instead of paying an average of $370/year for other hosting, you will save $250/year hosting with us.

Web Hosting with SSL Certification - $120/year

Domain Subscription - Average $9-12/year - Subject to availability - We prefer using GoDaddy.com for this but can accept outside domain services as well. Please note that initial setup will take longer to make your website go live to connect an outside domain vendor.

Anything outside of Knackert Media is the vendor's charge. These must be paid in full prior to purchase through Knackert Media or at the client's expense. Knackert Media does not charge any upcharges with outside services/coordination.

Driving mileage within the state of Arizona is $1.00/mile for any consultations or other off the premises of Knackert Media. Free consultations must be approved in advance for any off-site consultation. Any travel beyond Arizona is at the cost of the client for flight, rental car and reasonable accommodations for food and lodging. Arrangements for this must be agreed on and estimated funds allocated by the client prior to travel.

Due to the time involved in creating commissioned pieces, the price will be determined on a case by case basis.

Website Estimates

Frequently we are asked for an 'easy' website creation quote. This can be all over the map. We have created sites for as little as $250 and as much as $6000. The best way we can offer an 'estimate' is to show you some websites we created and provide the time it took to build it according to what you see:

  • Knackert Media Multi-Page Site
    • Total Hours For Construction and Implementation: 120 hours
    • 120 hrs x $50/hr = $6,000
  • Rock N Roll Grille Multi-Page Site - See Here
    • Total Hours for Construction and Implementation + Video Editing: 68 hours
    • 68 hrs x $50/hr = $3400
  • Rockabetty's Salon & Spa Multi-Page Site - See Here
    • Total Hours for Construction and Implementation: 32 hours
    • 32 hrs x $50/hr = $1600
  • Tax Time Arizona Multi-Page Site - See Here
    • Total Hours for Construction and Implementation: 10 hours
    • 10 hrs x $50/hr = $500