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Everything there is to know about Knackert Media


About Knackert Media

Knackert Media was founded in 1999 (formerly Knackert Designs) and focuses on graphic/print design, web design and video production. Knackert Media is essentially a home-based, one-man operation with independent design partners (when applicable) and is based in Glendale, Arizona. All services performed are done on a contractual basis.

Jeremy graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and minor in studio art. He has continued his career in the media arts over the past 16 years and has performed freelance work and as well as employment with various firms in Arizona and Wisconsin. The variety of firms has opened up opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge in the advertising, financial, architectural, entertainment, print, project management, business intelligence and corporate education industries.

Jeremy comes from a family of musicians, artists and other creative minds. He strives to carry on his proud Knackert family tradition and provide the best creative results at an affordable rate. Jeremy has dedication, generosity and passion for his craft and would like to assist you today for any of your multimedia needs.

If there are services that you need and you don't see it listed, please inquire with him and at the very least, he can point you in the right direction.