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Our Services

Graphic Design

This covers the gamet of possibilities. From presentations, photo-editing, illustrations, pagination, typesetting... the list goes on. The creation possibilities are endless.

Website Development

Whether you need to maintain and existing site or build a new one from scratch, we can handle any and all steps on the way to a difference-making internet presence.

Audio & Video Production

We have full production capabilities to film, animate, edit, and produce videos. Additionally, we can edit background audio, provide voiceovers and even add sound effects.

E-Learning Development

Let us build you a web-based training module and the supporting classroom materials. Knackert Media is certified in this offering and can even provide a live training session if needed.

Fine Art

The foundations of Knackert Media was built on studio art creations. While it's not as frequent a request, we have commissioned some fine art pieces, primarily focused on stippling/pointilism.

Videography & Photography

Our main place isn't just behind a desk, it's also out in the field. We have the capabilities to do simple, on-location shoots for video and photo capturing requests. For larger projects we coordinate with local top-notch third-party vendors.


You've got the product or service and now you need to attract clients or customers. Knowing your audience is essential and Knackert Media has the experience for attracting and retaining the business you are looking for.

Website Hosting

So you have a Knackert Media-built website or one of your own and you need a place to host it. Same hundreds and host with Knackert Media. Private email, SSL and other hosting options area available.

Consultation & Coordination

Not all projects are easily organized and some require special timing and planning. Knackert Media is here to handle all of those phases and responsibilities so you don't have to. Get all the results minus the worry.

Business Goals and marketing plans constantly change.

Stay ahead of the race and take advantage of our diverse skillset to propel your business forward!